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TOP 5 dietary supplements and their surprising benefits

Did you know that 92% of the US population is vitamin deficient? It’s a surprising figure, and many people are shocked to learn they aren’t getting all the nutrients their body needs.

But what are the real advantages of dietary supplements? In this post, we’ll take you through a handful of the many benefits you could be getting from dietary supplements.

1. Vitamin D3 increases strength and prevents bone fractures

Vitamin D3 comes from two main sources. Our bodies naturally produce it when we’re exposed to the sun, and it’s also found in foods like cheese and oily fish.

It’s an important nutrient to the human body, as it has been shown to prevent fractures. Vitamin D3 supplementation can even cause up to an 18% improvement in strength!

However, during the winter, it can be hard to get all the sunlight your body needs to produce vitamin D. Supplementation is a great alternative! It provides your body with enough vitamin D3 to stay happy and healthy, with little effort.

2. Vitamin C improves sports performance

A well-known result of severe vitamin C deficiency is the disease scurvy. But there are also many other effects on the body caused by low vitamin C levels, such as decreased physical performance during exercise.

On the other hand, vitamin C supplementation is linked to faster recovery times from demanding exercise. There is even evidence suggesting it lowers the risk of cardiovascular disease.

3. Turmeric curcumin soothes arthritis and fights cancer

Curcumin, an active component within turmeric, is great for soothing and strengthening your joints. It lessens the symptoms of joint arthritis, having the same effect as pain medication.

There’s also evidence to suggest that turmeric curcumin supplements protect at-risk patients from cardiovascular disease. It’s even been shown to reduce the number of tumor cells in cancer cases!

Turmeric is a delicious addition to a meal, but fitting it into your diet every day is a challenge. We recommend supplementation as an easier way to take advantage of curcumin’s therapeutic effects.

4. Apple cider vinegar combats obesity and disease

Nowadays, ACV is well-known for its health properties. And for a good reason! Research shows that the superfood helps fight against diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer.

Apple cider vinegar supplements are also great if you’re trying to lose weight or combat obesity. A 2018 study showed that ACV supplementation resulted in a decrease in weight, BMI and appetite.

5. Vitamin B6 boosts immunity and lowers homocysteine levels

It’s found in a wide variety of foods, from pork to bananas. It’s known for lowering levels of homocysteine, a substance associated with heart disease. But vitamin B6 benefits also include a stronger immune system!

Research shows the immune systems of vitamin B6-deficient mice were significantly impaired. On the other hand, B6 supplements increased immune response in critically ill humans.

Interested in trying out some of these science-backed nutrients yourself? Click here to explore our range of dietary supplements.

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