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Collagen for osteoarthritis pain: what is the evidence?

If you are suffering from knee and hip pain and stiffness, you may have osteoarthritis (OA), a common type of arthritis that affects millions of people worldwide.

Unfortunately, the disease can't be cured. More severe cases are managed with pills, physiotherapy, and surgery. These options are expensive, and the medication used can cause undesired side effects.

Alternatively, clinical studies have revealed the potential beneficial effects of different nutraceuticals and dietary supplements such as collagen in the treatment of OA.

Healthy joints

A systematic review evaluated the effects of orally administered collagen supplements on OA symptoms.

To do this, the authors analyzed the results of five randomized controlled trials.

The results of the study showed that:

  • Collagen treatment decreased the total WOMAC index score (Higher scores on the WOMAC indicate worse pain, stiffness, and functional limitations).

  • Collagen supplementation significantly decreased joint stiffness, pain, and functional limitation.

  • There was also a decrease in the visual analog scale for pain (VAS) score.


The administration of oral collagen decreases the symptoms of OA. This finding was supported by the reduction in joint pain, stiffness, and functional limitation measured by the WOMAC index and VAS score.

Collagen supports the health of the joints and may protect against joint diseases like osteoarthritis.

Our Multi Collagen Protein is made up of collagen I, II, III, V, and X for Skin, Hair, Nails, and Joint Support. It contains 5 types of premium collagen peptides in fast-absorbing capsules that work at the cellular level to help support healthy bones, joints, and digestion while giving hair, skin, and nails a youthful appearance.

Taking your collagen supplement is easy. The collagen capsules work well when taken with coffee, tea, water, or juice.

Using a collagen supplement is a simple way to increase your intake of collagen and improve the health of your skin, hair, nails, and joints.

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