Chobanu Nutrition is a supplement company specializing in nutrition and healthy lifestyle supplements based in Boca Raton, Florida.

Our Mission

Our commitment to your good health lies at the heart of every product we produce — backed by decades of scientific research and ingredients of high quality. At Chobanu Nutrition, we create products which are carefully designed to fit your needs at every stage in your life.

What makes Chobanu Nutrition different?

For us, the focus has always been on safety, and relying on evidence of product efficacy. While many of our nutritional ingredients have been thoroughly researched, it is vitally important for us produce in a FDA-registered facility, making us a unique nutritional supplement company that can offer a science-based product.

Good nutrition is a start, to a great healthy living

We bring our inclusiveness, integrity, intelligence and authenticity values to everything we do. That is why our quality tests go beyond the standard of the industry to meet our own standards. That is why we have research the information from professionals to support your healthy journey. And we are honored to be your credible guide for the future by delivering the finest nutritional products to help you feel confident that each bottle of Chobanu nutrition meets the highest standards.

Quality Commitment

We believe that our quality obsession provides better ingredients. You can rest easily when you take a Chobanu nutrition product, and know that the ingredients in our products are tested and approved thoroughly before they reach you. With new articles and facts published regularly, we constantly add more information to help you reach your fitness and health goals


Chobanu Nutrition is a premier science and health-based company focused on formulating market-leading products for everyone. Our goal is to continually research and produce a broad range of natural health products to achieve practical everyday results. To bring our best  ideas to life, we’ve joined forces with some of Americas best food scientists, naturopaths and biochemists to create innovative products.


The team at Chobanu Nutrition are revolutionising the natural supplement sector with an expanding range of American made products.


- Michael N.


"Excellent service as always. Delivered when they said they would even in these challenging times. I'm vitamin D deficient so that's why I take a vitamin D3 supplement daily. I was tested multiple times over a couple of years before and after starting to take it so I know I should continue to take it. Thank you!"

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